The ‘Romance’ of Caravanning

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I have no idea why I thought that caravanning (aka living in a 2m x 4m box on wheels) would be romantic. Maybe it’s the association with the old fashioned gyspy, horse drawn caravans. Maybe it’s the lack of prior consideration of how and where our basic needs will be met. Maybe it’s the emphasis on the fact that you can pick up and move on, discovering somewhere and something new as and when you want, sharing that experience with someone.

Now having been caravanning as a lifestyle not a holiday, I can definitely say it’s not romantic. It’s hard work and stressful. It’s frustrating. It’s tiring. Theres no escape from the other person, no matter how much they have annoyed you (unless you want to sit on a beach in the dark, cold wind on your own!).

I know all of the above can be said of any travel with one other person. But it seems different when you have everything with you in a small box, the tyres blow, the spare is flat, the formerly neatly packed inside of the caravan ends up looking like a bomb exploded and pushed everything out of the supposedly clicked shut cupboards into a heap in the middle. Then after hours of driving you end up arriving somewhere in the dark, having to find an electricity plug just to get some light, not being able to stand upright because you aren’t going to be there long enough to make it worth untying the roof straps to ‘pop the roof’.

Then you find an awesome spot to park the caravan, unpack in the daylight, put the roof up, plug in the generator and watch the sunsetting over a new view. There’s someone there to share it with you, someone who knows how much effort and hard work it was to get there. All is right in the caravanning world again.

All of a sudden it’s fun and exciting. It’s an adventure. And, at times it is even romantic 🙂

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