How To Teach Overseas And Travel The World: Part 2, A Kiwi In The UAE

How To Teach Overseas And Travel The World: Part 2, A Kiwi In The Emirates

I am hoping that if you’re reading this, you’ve come back because you found ‘How To Teach Overseas And Travel The World: Part 1‘ so useful that you’re back for more 🙂

In this, part 2 of the series, you’re going to be hearing from Sarah from Exploring Kiwis while she tells us about her time teaching in the UAE. Her and her husband moved to the UAE in August 2015 specifically to have a new base from which to travel the world. Here she talks about her training, qualifications and experience as well as what teaching (and daily life) is like in Abu Dhabi.
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What Should A Princess See And Do In Vietnam?

In 2002 I stopped in Thailand on my way to live in Australia for a year. I was so excited to be starting my independent travels with such an awesome destination. However, after 10 days, most of which were spent being ill or made to feel very uncomfortable by Thai women about not being ‘little’, I changed my flights and left for Sydney earlier than planned. That experience led me to me spend the next ‘few’ years traveling elsewhere in the world. I pushed Asia down on my bucket list, knowing one day I would get there (it counts to have whole continents as one item on a bucket list right?) I have spent hours engrossed in blog posts and articles about Asia as a whole but specifically about Vietnam. I have enviously scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of images of beaches, temples, bays, mountains, rice fields and boats.

So when faced with the reality of having to leave South Africa for visa reasons and deciding where to go, Vietnam was a no brainer. Seeing as this is a pretty spontaneous trip, it helps that flights and expenses once there, are cheaper than other destinations.

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