Route Planning

I have always loved maps. Mum and I look for excuses to go ‘the map shop’ on Longacre in Covent Garden just to stand on the map of London that’s printed on the basement floor. Sadly, I don’t think I would get much of London on the floor of the caravan!

Another passion of mine is Lonely Planet books. As soon as I have an inkling that I might be going somewhere I pick one up and spend hours reading through them. I continue to read them while I am away, re-reading sections just in case I missed anything. I am not by any means someone that relies on what has been reviewed and written in terms of restaurants, hostels etc. I use them to get a feeling for an area and a culture before I get there, then to understand the history of a building, landmark or tradition. I hate not knowing all the facts, I want to know the whens, whys and hows of things.
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