The Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal

Not having a plan has got off to a great start! We thought we would have left the Midlands a while ago but, 3 weeks after I got back, we are just starting to (re) pack the caravan up!

The days have been filled with caravan jobs; taking everything out (who knew how much could be fitted in such a small space!), repacking, finding room for my things too, cleaning and scrubbing inside and out. Right now, everything is in, even the washing machine (having clean clothes and sheets is SO nice, right?)…and, there’s still space to swing a (small) cat.

All this (and more) fits in the caravan!

All this (and more) fits in the caravan!

Getting used to living in a small space not designed for tall people is going to take some doing. No matter how many times either of us hit our head our brains don’t seem to remember where the sharp corners are. Morning greetings have gone from ‘it’s your turn to make coffee’ to ‘don’t hit your head when you sit up’ If they aren’t uttered in time, the other person holds a grudge for the lack of reminder 😉 The dogs are oblivious to our suffering and swearing focused on staying as close to us as possible so they don’t get left behind accidentally and miss out on the adventure they know is coming up!
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Route Planning

I have always loved maps. Mum and I look for excuses to go ‘the map shop’ on Longacre in Covent Garden just to stand on the map of London that’s printed on the basement floor. Sadly, I don’t think I would get much of London on the floor of the caravan!

Another passion of mine is Lonely Planet books. As soon as I have an inkling that I might be going somewhere I pick one up and spend hours reading through them. I continue to read them while I am away, re-reading sections just in case I missed anything. I am not by any means someone that relies on what has been reviewed and written in terms of restaurants, hostels etc. I use them to get a feeling for an area and a culture before I get there, then to understand the history of a building, landmark or tradition. I hate not knowing all the facts, I want to know the whens, whys and hows of things.
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The plan not to have a plan

As I sit here at the airport I am excited and ready to go back. It feels normal, like I am going somewhere familiar, somewhere like home. But, at the same time it’s strange and different to be going ‘back’ to a country I have been living in but to a different place. I have only ever returned to the place I left whether for a holiday, a trip or for business. I haven’t ever gone back but at the same time not really back.
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Hello lovely readers!

Ok, first off I want to point out a few things;

  1. Although I really do like pink sparkly things, I am not a real Princess (unless wearing a tiara at any opportune moment makes it real?)
  2. I haven’t ever ‘blogged’ before and am not even really a writer (unless you count inspiring primary aged children to practice their creative writing in an attempt to fill an hour long lesson?)

But I do, for now, live in a caravan.

So let me start by telling you a little about me and how this blog came about.
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