How To Teach Overseas And Travel The World: Part 2, A Kiwi In The UAE

How To Teach Overseas And Travel The World: Part 2, A Kiwi In The Emirates

I am hoping that if you’re reading this, you’ve come back because you found ‘How To Teach Overseas And Travel The World: Part 1‘ so useful that you’re back for more 🙂

In this, part 2 of the series, you’re going to be hearing from Sarah from Exploring Kiwis while she tells us about her time teaching in the UAE. Her and her husband moved to the UAE in August 2015 specifically to have a new base from which to travel the world. Here she talks about her training, qualifications and experience as well as what teaching (and daily life) is like in Abu Dhabi.
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Exploring the Concept of Voluntourism

“…Like the term or not, voluntourism is taking more of a leading role in the way that we travel. As people search for ways to add meaning to their travels, a holiday incorporating an essence of volunteering seems like the perfect way to give back whilst exploring a new country and culture.

Instead of returning home from a 2-week holiday with a suntan, local crafts and ideas of a country based on an all-inclusive resort, people now want to come home with more.

As travellers, we want to meet and get to know people, and leave knowing we’ve contributed to an aspect of another person’s life and community by sharing our experiences and skills whilst learning from theirs. And we want to have an adventure!”

Originally appearing on Love Puffin’s travel blog, click here to read the full article and interview.